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Facial Scanning Photo

facial photo scanSee what lies under the surface and what your individual need are.  

Include with Facial for 40.00

Mini Facial

mini facial

Cleansing, toning & skin analyzation

 $40.00 (30 minutes)

American Facial

american-facialAn European facial with a hand, foot and upper back treatment. This is the absolute ultimate of relaxing facials!

$78.00 (80 minutes)

European Facials

european facialCleanses, exfoliates, tones and moisturizes the skin Includes analysis, steaming, and facial massage


$65.00 (50 minutes)

ACNE Relief

acne relief facial anderson scA deep pore cleansing, extractions, purifying mask, and high frequency machine to clear up troubled skin

$65.00 (50 minutes)

Pregnancy Facial

pregnancy facial greenville scThe perfect positioning for deep breathing and relaxing. European facial along with a hand and foot rub.

$65.00 (50 minutes)

“Mala” or Garden Aromatherapy Facial

Our signature facial, customized to provide the ultimate results based upon your skin specific needs. For those who love wonderful scents derived from plants. We use 100% pure essential oils for a delightfully sensual and nutritive experience. Combined with the healing properties of warm honey (suitable for all skin types) to detox, soften and nourish. 
$65.00 (50 minutes)

Just for Men

mens facials anderson scThe maintenance and stress relief you NEED! First, the trimming of those wild facial, neck, and shoulder hairs, followed by a warm and wonderful facial, neck shoulder and scalp massage. Walk out a new man! 

$40.00 (30 Minutes)

Make-Up ….Jane Iredale

make up consultation anderson scApplication and Consultation


Oxygen Hydration Facial

75.00  (60 Minutes)

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