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Divine Duo - Our House Specialty

massage packages anderson scTwo 1 hour body treatments 

Therapeutic massage for him

Herbal or Slender Wrap for Her….wonderful warm and additional treat for women. Includes a full body Rub down with specially formulated herb mixtures to reduce stress, ease muscle pain and relax the body. Wrapping opens the pores to allow product to penetrate releasing toxins, water retention, and dimpling cellulite. A little something extra for the ladies we love!

-          130.00 total

-          2 people - (1 service each for 1 hour)

-          Add lunch with beverage (2 people 24.00)

Swedish Massage Therapy

swedish massageLight, on the surface - very relaxing

30 Minutes 40.00
45 Minutes 50.00
60 Minutes 60.00
90 Minutes 90.00

Hot Stone Massage

hot stone massageEnhances any massage and can be a very spiritual experience Hot stones are used to treat areas of pain using thermal affects to penetrate deeper into muscles, which increases blood flow and faster healing Cold stones can be used for contrast to reduce edema and swelling of the lymphatic fluid

90.00 (80 Minutes)

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

therapeutic massage anderson scDeeper into the tissues, working out stress and knots

30 Minutes 40.00
45 Minutes 50.00
60 Minutes 65.00
90 Minutes 95.00

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

deep tissue massageVery deep into tissue, Not recommended for those unaccustomed to having massage.

30 Minutes 45.00
45 Minutes 65.00
60 Minutes 80.00
90 Minutes 115.00


massages greenville scA three tier addition to any massage:

  • Room Diffuser
  • Herbal Neck Pillow
  • Warm Moist Towel Treatment


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