day spa anderson greenville sc

Hand & Foot Therapy

A relaxing but energizing treatment especially for the hands and feet. Dry buffing to soften rough heels followed by massage, aromatherapy and 100,000 units of vitamin E cream. The use of warm towels will enhance penetration. You won't believe how wonderful this feels and the luxurious soft condition your well deserving hands & feet will experience.

Hand & Arm $26.50 (25 minutes)

Feet & Lower Leg $37.50 (45 minutes)

Combined 1 Hour $62.00 (60 minutes)

Herbal Body Wrap

The body is wrapped with special herbal linens that have been steamed in a fragrant blend of therapeutic herbs that will draw out impurities and relieve tensions.

$67.00 (50 minutes)

Slenderizing Wrap

Specially formulated cellulite oil combined with heat to release fat deposits resulting in tightened, smoother skin with inch reduction.

$70.00 (50 minutes)

600.00 (10 Treatments (recommended) pre-pay

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